Hi, I’m Christos Pontikis.

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I am a Google Tag Manager Specialist with over 15 years of professional experience in Web Applications Development, WordPress, and eCommerce websites.

Christos Pontikis

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If you are already a Customer, log in here. To become a Customer, contact me here and I will send you an invitation to create your account.
Most of the services I provide are billed by the hour, after prior communication and a detailed analysis of your requirements.
After a successful payment, your invoice is automatically generated and sent to your email.

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Install Google Tag Manager in various platforms
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tracking
GA4 eCommerce Tracking (Woocommerce, Magento)
Cookie Consent (Cookiebot, CookieScript, CookieYes and more)
Google Ads Integration
Facebook Pixel & Events
TikTok Pixel & Events
Linkedin Insight & Events
Form Submission Tracking
Standard or Custom Conversions Tracking
Criteo platform
Audience management & Remarketing
Facebook Conversion API
Server side Tagging

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