Chrome extensions for Google Tag Manager

Useful Chrome Extensions for Google Tag Manager

Enhance your daily Google Tag Manager workflow with key Chrome extensions. The Tag Assistant, pixel helpers, and Data Layer Inspectors are indispensable tools for streamlining tasks.

Tag Assistant Legacy

The tool is considered Legacy & Deprecated, and there’s a possibility that Google might remove or replace it soon. Nevertheless, it currently offers valuable information and remains widely used for this purpose.

The process entails:

  • Clicking on the Tag Assistant icon and selecting ENABLE.
  • Refreshing the page.
  • Displaying the GTM container ID and active tags, such as GA4, along with any potential errors.

It’s important to note that occasional malfunctions may occur. Typically, these issues can be resolved by performing a REFRESH or HARD REFRESH and/or clearing the cache (if applicable).

Tag assistant legacy
Tag assistant legacy

Tag Assistant Companion

It serves as a potential alternative to Tag Assistant Legacy.

Utilizing the Preview process at provides comprehensive container debugging.

Although the Chrome extension can assist in this procedure, it’s not considered a decisive factor.

Meta Pixel Helper

Meta Pixel Helper aids in verifying the installation of the Facebook Pixel on a website and identifying associated errors. It assists developers and marketers in confirming the accurate installation and activation of the Facebook Pixel as intended.

Meta Pixel helper
Meta Pixel helper

Pixel Helper for LinkedIn

It functions similarly to the Meta Pixel Helper, specifically tailored for the LinkedIn Insight Tag, offering a distinct focus on managing and validating LinkedIn’s Insight Tag implementation.

Pixel helper for Linkedin
Pixel helper for Linkedin

TikTok Pixel Helper

It operates akin to the Meta Pixel Helper but specifically caters to the TikTok Pixel, emphasizing its role in managing and verifying the implementation of TikTok’s pixel.

Tiktok Pixel helper
Tiktok Pixel helper

Twitter Pixel Helper

Pinterest Tag Helper


It is a popular Chrome extension that allows users to manage, edit, add or delete cookies stored by websites in the browser.

Datalayer Checker

Featuring a user-friendly interface, it provides real-time visibility into Data Layer values. Additionally, it simplifies the process of copying complex keys within the Data Layer object with a convenient ‘Copy key’ function.

Simple Data Layer Viewer

It offers a streamlined alternative to the Datalayer Checker tool, providing a simplified version for managing Data Layer insights.

Adswerve – dataLayer Inspector+

This versatile Chrome extension offers a real-time snapshot of Data Layer values via Chrome Dev Tools. Its standout feature lies in the ability to ‘inject’ a container into a website for testing purposes, simplifying the testing process significantly.

It’s important to note that this container injection solely occurs locally, limited to our browser for the specific site being studied.

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