Email Marketing with MailChimp (per hour)


Average estimated cost: € 135

MailChimp campaign creation for WordPress/WooCommerce websites. Engage your audience, promote products, and drive conversions with professionally designed and targeted email campaigns.

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I specialize in crafting impactful MailChimp campaigns for your business in WordPress/WooCommerce websites.

Harness the power of email marketing to engage your audience, promote your products, and boost conversions. With my expertise, I will design and deliver professionally tailored campaigns that resonate with your customers. From captivating email templates to strategic audience segmentation and automation, I’ll optimize your email marketing efforts.

Whether you’re launching a new product, running a promotional campaign, or nurturing customer relationships, I’ll create compelling email campaigns that drive results.

Enhance your marketing strategy and unlock the full potential of MailChimp with my personalized services.


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